Hello, I'm Andrew Stainthorpe and I'm an actor. 

People say I'm a bit like Toby Jones. With edgy humour, quiet charm and distinct physicality, I'm comfortable playing an effortless range of expressive, visceral character men and unexpected clowns. 

View my Spotlight profile and please contact me if you think we would like to work together.
“with his timeless Blackadder face, Stainthorpe is really very, very funny” 
The Wind In The Willows, The Northern Echo

“portrayed the terrified, desperate Hibbert with great sensitivity” 
Journey’s End, The Northern Echo

“Andrew Stainthorpe, short in stature, boosted by bosom balloons in a purple gown, was outstanding as Thisbe” 
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Northern Echo

“this is Smike’s story really and Andrew Stainthorpe nailed the character in one of the most touching performances” 
Nicholas Nickleby, The Northern Echo
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